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Kendra's Musings - Creative Release - Purple :iconryu890:Ryu890 1 2
Kendra's Musings - Dragon
Kendra stared at the letter. Yes, a letter. In the information age. Whatever. It was supposed to be symbolic anyways.
A single line sat at the top of the page. A single line consisting of a single word.
Dragon. A name of an old companion. An old-old friend. One she hadn’t spoken with in…geez…it had to be atleast a year. Maybe more.
Dear ‘Dragon’… Kendra frowned. Be honest. She had to be honest.
Dear Dragon…I’m not going to say ‘hi again, this time things will be different’. I’ve said that so many times that even I wouldn’t believe me if I said it again. I used to do that a lot.
The witch sighed, shaking her head, the silver locks spilling into her vision. Maybe she should invest in a hairband.
Re-adjusting the offending strands, she continued.
Look…I was young. I was stupid. Immature. Busy. Emotional. Honestly, I’m still young, stupid, immature, a
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Mature content
Kendra's Musings - Breaking Point :iconryu890:Ryu890 1 3
Kendra's Musings - Creative Release
Inertia carried the witch's hair above her head, flailing in the makeshift 'wind' as she slowly descended.
Below her, an expansive white void rose to meet her, its existence only betrayed by her shadow, cast along the 'floor'. Kendra touched down gently, as if she'd been descending at a feather's pace, a chill rippling through her bare feet. She was garbed simply. Simple seemed to be the native dress code, so she'd come garbed in a simple, light purple nightgown, her hair lightly adorned with a simple, butterfly-shaped hairclip, also in matching purple.
"Kalista." She stated simply, as if to focus her thoughts. For the first time since descending, she opened her eyes. "Kinda…sparse, don'tcha think?" She spoke as if talking to an invisible friend that stood beside her. And maybe she was. It didn't matter. Kalista would hear her. After all, this was her world. Her universe. If she wanted to, she'd hear.
The silver-haired(always the silver hair…a trademark that distinguished her), stepped
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The Safety Net
Warmth radiated from beneath me. I was sprawled on my back, the net stretched wide out beneath me. Above me, my eyes, still bleary from sleep but slowly clearing, could see what appeared to be a large, bronze sphere. There was a single opening in it: A closed trap door. That meant it was hollow.
A single, rough pole connected my net to the doorway. Possibly climbable, if I had the strength to make it all the way up.
What wonders lied inside it? I wouldn't know. I've always stayed here. Where its safe. With the net. The warm net. And I've had many a pleasant dream while embraced in the net's warmth. But I couldn't help but stare up at that sphere, every day. Who knows what riches could be inside? What amazing experiences and treasures and companions?
The noise of an erupting flame broke me from my stupor. Rolling over onto my stomach, I scrambled to the edge of my net (which appeared to be floating in the sky), and stared out among the clouds.
Similar structures to my own dotted the lan
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Kendra's Musings - Transgender Day of Rememberance
Kendra settled into her chair, the steady glow of a laptop glowing back at her. 82% battery. Should be plenty.
Ugh…I meant to have something up already…. Drama at school. Followed by a movie with the family, (albeit an amazing movie featuring a red-dressed fellow with massive hands that she would totally recommend), and now… 8:29 PM. Nothing to show for it. And the Transgender Day of Remembrance was almost over.
"Its not like…" she frowned, doing some math in her head, "Three-and-a-half hours isn't enough time."
So….Transgender Day of Remembrance. How exactly was one supposed to celebrate such an occasion? Go out en femme? What if you were already post-op? Heck, how was a Cisgendered person supposed to celebrate? Crossdress? Wouldn't that be offensive? How do you "Remembrance" anyways?
78%. That was fast. Kinda. Sorta. 136 words. Not enough.
"Come OOOON Kendra!" The witch moaned, propping her elbow onto the table, her forehead being supported by her head. "This is the one 'holid
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Kendra's Musings - A New Beginning
Kendra took a deep breath, the surrounding air sending a chill down her neck and arms. (The rest of her remained fairly well-convered and insulated).
Her crystal-blue eyes peered over the edge of the large, grey-stone cliff she stood upon, into the swirling blackish-purple void beneath her. Like a combination of a tornado and a particularly cloudy night. An expanding mass of chaos...and it was time to dive right in.
She owed much to Kalista. Meeting her…talking with her…it was a particularly eye-opening experience. Even now, the path up to this particular cliffside…the chaotic doorway twords…ok, so it was one goal. But an important one. Writing for video games. Creating worlds…enjoyment for others…it was her ultimate dream.
She couldn't do it. Not yet. She needed the tools. The skills. "And that lies below.." Yes, it was a metaphor. Would talking about it spoil it?
Kendra stared down into the abyss, her once curious, observing gaze narrowing into a particu
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Kendra's Musings - Writing is Hard
Writing…writing…why was writing so hard?
Kendra sighed to herself, staring at the keyboard infront of her. Used to be a keyboard anyhow. She muttered. At some point when she wasn't looking, it had shifted into a shiny black typewriter, that made pleasant clacking noises as she struck the keys. Fun.
It was never the coming up of ideas that was difficult. She had plenty of stories just beating at the inside of her head. There was Starcrossed, that growth-themed thing with the witch, heck even her My Little Pony game idea.
Games. Another key. She sighed, shaking her head as she held it in her hands. She wasn't meant to be a writer-writer. The problem always came down to sitting still and writing stories by herself for hours on end. She got bored. Disinterested when she wasn't cooperating with someone to give her worlds' form. That was why Roleplays were so appealing. A medium for her creative juices without the isolation that came with writing.
It was always frustr
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Mature content
The Cats...they're EVERYWHERE :iconryu890:Ryu890 0 0
Kendra's Musings - Intro
The oddly colored, lightish green glow of the computer screen flickered back at Kendra, her own gallery displayed back at her. (An odd conundrum, seeing as it was her avatar-character, staring at the internet, where she was supposed to solely exist.) But it was an acceptable strangeness of the internet, and hardly the purpose of the story.
She leaned back, contemplating the status of her gallery. She hadn't made a new story of any kind since....well, since before the TG War had ended. "Good times..." She muttered, a hint of sarcasm to her voice. That had been a rather confusing time for her...complicated and distressing.
The silver-haired woman pushed herself back from the desk, leaning back in her rolling, armless chair and staring up at the window. "I call myself a writer....yet I haven't written anything...not even a short story." She thought aloud. (No one was with her anyways, and it certainly made up for the fact that she'd forgotten how to make italics work on DevientART.) "Othe
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Mature content
Roleplay :iconryu890:Ryu890 0 3
The Winter. A time of joy, a time of present-giving. A time for family. Yet why does it stunt me so?
My fingers. They freeze. Moving them is difficult….it stunts my thoughts. My imagination. Above all, my literacy. I can't make myself write like this. Pure passion keeps me going.
Yet, I fight. I feel ashamed of using the Cold as an excuse to drop my literacy-level, yet it does. Yet I fight. Dispite this drop, I still write. I roleplay. I post. I speak.
My online friends are important to me. I can't let winter separate me from them.
Kaida? Why do you enjoy the cold so much? It makes me lethargic. I don't move like I want to. I can feel it holding me back.
And yet….there's a beauty to the Cold…..the white-washed Earth….the crisp morning air…..there's something thrilling about it….
And Christmas. The best day of the year, based solely on the grounds that my entire family is there….and the joyus mood that permeates the air.
But its not cold th
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Passionate Writing
Passionate Writing
Why do I write? I don't write for money, or for fame. I don't even work for the sake of improving myself.
I write for passion.
Ideas bounce through my head, collecting and ripening, when all of a sudden, they burst. My fingers twitch. Adrenaline courses through my body, and I. Must. Write.
These writings don't attempt to follow literacy too closely. They are pure. Whole. Works of the heart. Every word comes laced with my emotion. I can only hope that other people somehow feel them. I know this is impossible. My 'passion' ends with a forceful stroke of a key.
But still…I must write. My ideas must flourish. They must be heard. Screw you ideas of whats 'good and bad'. I'm happy, displaying my thoughts like the random, chaotic mess they are, for all the world to see.
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Conciousness Rings
Consciousness Rings
A brief breakdown on how the human mind perceives the mundane, and the unnatural.
There are many theories that base themselves in the idea of Mass Consciousness, the idea that all souls and minds are connected to one another through an astral realm parallel to our own. Through my own experience, this is largely true. But there is one mistake with that theory. There is not one network of interconnecting souls. There are two.
These networks, which I have dubbed 'Consciousness Rings' are separated into the Mundane and the Supernatural. The former is comprised of most humans, while the second is comprised of numerous species with innumerable traits, all of which are looked on as 'legends' by those in the former, as well as the humans who have come to accept the reality of the second Ring.
I am writing this essay on the request of my dear friend. As the one who introduced me to the second Ring, I feel I owe him a great debt. He wishes to remain anonymous for the
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Name: Kendra, but he/she has several nicknames including Ryu, Alena, and Riona.
Age: At the time of this posting, 18. But time always moves on.
Kendra takes the form of a spirit. A ghostly entity usually not visible to the human eye. (Although she can make herself visible if she wishes.) As a spirit, she has no consistent appearance, and is constantly shifting about like water.
Kendra's spirit is bound to a key-shaped necklace, important to her before she 'discarded' her original shape. Its drawn to it like a magnet. Both CAN be separate, but usually not for long.
Every character an author creates, is an extension of themselves in some degree, much like an actor must 'become' their roles. In the online world, these characters manifest themselves. Typically, Kendra will be seen possessing one of these characters.
When a character is possessed, they simply cease acting like themselves. Kendra is fully aware that the world around her isn't 'real', and as such, is more likely to
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Genie Wishes
Humankind sure has alot of legends involving 'wishes', don't they? See a shooting star? Make a wish! Blow out a dandelion in one puff? Make a wish! Blow out the birthday candles? Make a wish! Guess which finger the eyelash lands up on? Make a wish!
I certainly don't want to waste any free reality-warping wishes, and I certainly don't want to accidentally ruin my life with them (which has a tendency to occur when people don't think things through.) So lets take the classic wish-granting medium, the Genie, and attempt to answer that age old question: "What is your bidding, my Master?"
Wish 1: The ability to manipulate both my own form, and the ones of those around me. I should be guaranteed to survive with full mental capacities, regardless of form, and always have the ability to change back. My 'default' form should remain set as whatever my normal physical self is. (If I get a tattoo, it'll be there when I change back.) Changes can be as subtle as changing my eye color, to as drastic a
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Juliette "Kendra" Thomson
United States
I've grown alot over the years. My skills have sharpened, my mind and body grown, and my spirit matured. I may still have a long way to go in all of those ways...but I feel like I've grown enough that I can justify saying that I'm in a new chapter of my life. I'm a far different person then the noobish, naive fool who opened this account. Back then, I didn't even want to write anything. I was just looking for a way to comment on...geez, I think it was one of :iconakuoreo:'s pieces?

So....I made a new account!
The reasons for this are...multiple. From the always inspiring feeling of a fresh start, to the fact that I get to (finally!) change my username, to the ease of using this place as a sort of...backup portfolio.

I'm back as a full-time student in college, so I'm not sure exactly when this new account will start getting more work added to it...but I DO have a few stories to upload from a few months ago...including one I still think is my best work ever. Heck, I'll upload that one to my new account tonight.

But I'm not erasing my past in the process. I have every intention of linking my old profile to this new one within its first journal post. But in the meantime, feel free to stop by!



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